Our Facilities

Our Office is located at 8523 Refugee Road, Pickerington, Ohio. We are upstairs on the Milnor Road side of the building. 

What to Expect

Relaxation. Rejuvenation. Pain Reduction. 

These are just a few of the desired effects from a relaxation or therapeutic massage.  But what should you expect during your visit? 


It is important that the massage therapist obtain an accurate medical history through a client intake assessment form.  Listing past and current medical conditions, current medications and stating client's goals of the session will ensure a more positive, productive experience.   This information is vital in  developing a treatment plan for the client.


Your therapist is a highly trained, licensed medical professional. While it is easier to access the afflicted area with less clothing on; you, the client, will decide your level of comfort. The therapist will leave the room while you undress and cover yourself with the sheets on the table. After knocking on the door, the therapist will enter the room and start the session. The client is at all times draped with a sheet and/or blanket, uncovering only the area to be worked on. Modesty at all times will be respected. After the session is over, the therapist will leave the room and the client will dress in privacy.  The client then returns to the waiting room for a final consultation with the therapist, thus concluding the session.


You can rest assured that your medical records and all details pertaining to your session are completely confidential. You will sign a HIPAA form attesting to privacy polices the massage therapist is bound by law to uphold. 

​​​​​8523 Refugee Road

Pickerington, Ohio